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pittore scultore

Agora Gallery New York

Untitled 2 - Oil on Canvas 48" x 40")

Untitled 2
Oil on Canvas
48" x 40"

Untitled 4 - Oil on Canvas 48" x 40")

Untitled 4
Oil on Canvas
48" x 40"

Painter Antonio Lengua allows his imagination to run fast and unfettered through a dreamlike landscape of his own creation. With his keen sense of balance, Lengua places broken geometric forms amongst wide expanses of space, inviting the viewer into a dialogue about their surroundings and place in the world. The vibration created through this relationship, along with Lengua's arresting color palette, pulls the viewer into an exploration of a time just beyond the present and a place just above perception. The dynamics of this futuristic world and the faceless forms that reside there spring from opposing inspirations the warmth of Lengua's birthplace in Avellino, Italy and the coolness of Scandinavia. Incorporating elements of both, Lengua guides the viewer through his personal respite, where he revisits memories and posits new possibilities and identities. His eye for harmony lends his oil on canvas work an air of rhythm as viewers pause at certain shapes and move steadily over others, finding new meanings with each glance. Antonio Lengua currently resides in San Marino, Italy.

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